Professional Auto Repair and Maintenance in Murphy, TX

If you’ve ever had a automobile stuck in a repair garage for an extended period of time then you must understand how inconvenient it is. You’re a busy person with a full-time occupation, children to take care of, a lot of errands to run, or a mixture of all of the above. This ordeal can be made more bothersome by an unreliable technician’s garage. Unfortunately, for a few technicians this is a business plan. When you bring an automobile to Christian Brothers, you’ll be amazed by our friendly customer service, lasting repairs, and fast service.

Christian Brothers Automotive is a trusted car repair garage in Murphy, TX with years of consistent, high quality, friendly customer service. We have an expert understanding of most types of models.

From the day you leave your car to the moment you pick up your car, you’ll find out what separates us from our competitors: adept service and expert repairs. We specialize in engine diagnostics and pride ourselves on our ability to fix what other car repair shops can’t.

With Christian Brothers, everybody in the Murphy area has access to friendly, clean and trustworthy car repairs. Going about daily life without a car can be frustrating; we all have more important things on our schedule. Our staff strives to quickly handle problems so you can safely be back on the road in no time.

In 1982, Christian Brothers Automotive began as a single auto shop in Mission Bend, Texas. Over a decade later, the brand began to expand to other locations and are now found in over 100 locations across the country. Every customer that visits Christian Brothers in Murphy can expect dependable repairs and honest estimates at every visit. Below is a list of a few more features that Christian Brothers is known for:

  • Before we get started, our technicians will always explain the reason for your repairs or let you see it for yourself.
  • Most repairs feature a 2-year/24,000 warranty.
  • While your repairs are completed, our courtesy shuttle will give you a ride to work or home.