Professional Auto Repair Service Shop in Austin, TX

You must take care for your vehicle if you want your car to handle what you ask it to do. This includes scheduling maintenance checkups and handling any repairs in a timely manner. Christian Brothers Automotive is your local auto service shop for these repairs, maintenance services, and much more.

There’s not much worse than a broken automobile. You have tasks to finish and places to go. This ordeal can be made more difficult by a bad technician’s garage. Not only do some auto service shops take way too long to do simple repairs but they often charge too much. When you bring your car to Christian Brothers Automotive, you’ll be impressed by our neighborly customer service, commitment to each job, and fast service.

Full Service in Austin

At Christian Brothers Automotive, our staff is dedicated to providing quality car repairs to Austin. Our technicians can repair nearly every type of vehicle, from Dodge to Toyota.

From the initial estimate to the moment you pick up your vehicle, you’ll discover what makes us Austin’s first option for repairs: professionalism and specialized knowledge. Our experience lends us the joy of repairing what other shops can’t.

With Christian Brothers Automotive, everybody in the Austin area has access to customer-oriented, clean and efficient vehicle repairs. Going about daily life without a vehicle can be frustrating; we all have more important things on our schedule. Our staff strives to quickly handle problems so you can safely be back on the road in no time.

Christian Brothers Automotive started providing quality auto maintenance and repair services in 1982 with a single location in the Houston area. After over a decade of providing high-quality service to our customers at this location, we expanded to add more locations in places across the country. Every Christian Brothers Automotive location offers honest estimates and dependable repairs to every Cedar Park customer who visits us. Here are a few other features that you can expect to find when you visit Christian Brothers Automotive:

  • We’re committed to sustainability and recycle whenever possible.
  • Most repairs include a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.
  • While your car is repaired, our courtesy shuttle can provide you with a ride back home or to work.
  • Before commencing work, we will always explain the reason for your repairs or allow you to see it for yourself.

We recognize that there are many different problems that can happen to your car and it’s impossible to prepare for all of them. This is why we offer a number of different services to our Cedar Park clients. Want to learn more about our individual services? Visit one of our Maintenance & Repair service pages.

We’ll make sure that you get back on the road as quickly as possible.